By Tom Quiner


The Democrats put on quite a show last week. Jodi Miller recounts a few of the highlights in this week’s NewsBusted:

√ What the Democratic delegates in Charlotte were really celebrating.

√ The real reason Obama moved his acceptance speech into a smaller venue.

√ A tribute to a man who really knew how to wage a war on women.

√ Democrats threw a party that really did look just like America.

√ Guess who else booed putting God back in the Democrat’s platform?

√ The real murderer of Drew Peterson’s wives.

√ What community organizing is all about.

√ The new “greatest hoax” perpetrated on the American people.

One way to savor life is find some humor in it. Jodi Miller does just that. It’s Friday, sit back and relax with a few laughs at the expense of our liberal friends.

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