By Tom Quiner

Conventional political wisdom states that Democrats get out the early vote much better than Republicans.

If that’s the case, Obama is in trouble.

The Gallup Poll conducted a very large survey using a sample size of  3312 registered voters. Keep in mind, a lot of surveys you read about have sample sizes closer to a thousand. So this survey is going to have a smaller margin of error than most. Gallup asked people if they had already voted, and if yes, for whom.

Romney is ahead 52% to 45% among these early voters. This is big news, but news that is being downplayed by the mainstream media (MSM).

It is no guarantee of a Romney victory. But it is certainly bad news for the Obama campaign.


  1. Tom Maly on October 30, 2012 at 10:36 am

    My prayers seem to be being answered…..

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