A message to undecided voters

By Tom Quiner

Are there really any undecided voters in America?

Maybe you are one. Maybe you are doing some soul searching. May I offer some perspective on why I am voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket?

I preface these remarks by acknowledging that I did not support Mitt Romney in the primaries. If you read some of this blog’s posts from 2010 and 2011, you will find some sharp criticisms of Mitt Romney.

Having cleared the air, I encourage you to vote for this ticket. I offer two broad reasons for doing so.

First, I believe the Romney/Ryan ticket will honor the American Creed which has singled out America as the most exceptional nation in history. Our American values have made us great more than anything else. Our Creed states that each of us, you, me, our neighbors, have immutable God-given rights of Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Obama ticket dishonors the Creed. They deny a right to life. They deny a right to liberty, replacing it with a right to equality. This necessitates denying the rights of some through the immoral practice of forced wealth re-distribution.

Obama and his philosophical political brethren have redefined pursuit of happiness from the intent of our nation’s Founders. The Founders defined “pursuit of happiness” as a pursuit of private property. They wanted property owned by the individual, not the state.

The Obama ticket considers pursuit of happiness to be a lifestyle choice. Anything goes. Even more, they want a bigger piece of property for the public trough.

Liberal pressure groups are removing God from the public square with the acceptance of Mr. Obama.

There is another broad reason I encourage a vote for Romney/Ryan. I believe they are more likely to honor the intent of the Constitution that calls on the Executive Branch of government to enforce our laws.

Barack Obama has been selective in what he chooses to enforce. He didn’t like the Defense of Marriage Act, so he simply said he wouldn’t enforce it. He didn’t like aspects of our immigration laws, so he simply chose to stop enforcing those parts he didn’t like.

He has issued a disproportionate number of Executive Orders, imposing his will on our nation through executive fiat without the benefit of proper legislative passage.

Honorable Americans can disagree on how we approach vexing issues of foreign policy, poverty, and taxes. This blog has made a sincere attempt to discuss these issues with intelligence and logic.

But ultimately, I want a president who presides according to American values and the Constitution. I believe Mitt Romney the better choice for president. I believe Paul Ryan is the better choice for vice president.

You have two candidates who view the role of the president so differently. I’d go with the one who thinks like the Founders.