The pro life movement is on fire

By Tom Quiner

The Life movement is unstoppable.

Evidence is everywhere. Prayer vigils at Planned Parenthoods around the country persist, flourish, and change hearts. Former Planned Parenthood employees keep coming forward with damning exposes’ on what goes on behind closed doors. Politicians are getting skittish about diverting taxpayer dollars to abortion factories.

Our youth jam March for Life rallies, joining hundreds of thousands of passionate believers who bear hardship to give the voiceless a voice. Poll after poll shows a steady progression of Americans who proclaim they are now pro life.


Why the growing ranks of Americans with so much fire in their belly for the rights of the preborn?

There are practical reasons. The ultrasound takes us into the womb. We can see the beauty of life take form before our very eyes from the instant of conception.

In other words, former pro choice advocates change their minds when hit by the startling realization that humanity is locked in place at the spark of conception. Pro life pregnancy centers merely need to show a pregnant woman an ultrasound to change her decision to abort 9 out of 10 times.

Former atheist, Dr. Gloria Polo: “Heaven trembles with each abortion.”

There are mysterious reasons. Dr. Gloria Polo explains what happened to her. As prelude, Dr. Polo is a dentist in Columbia who had abortions. She encountered death after being struck by lightening. The bolt from the sky killed her nephew who was with her. It tore the flesh from her legs, kidneys, ovaries, and breasts. It even melted the IUD birth control device within her body.

She experienced hell:

“The Lord showed me in the Book of Life what happened when the doctor did the abortion. “I saw the doctor who, with some kind of pincers, grabbed the baby and broke her into pieces. The baby shouted with so much strength!”

You can discount this as an hallucination if that makes you more comfortable. But there is such vivid imagery in Dr. Polo’s words, that they are hard to discount:

“Even though there has not passed even from the moment of conception, an adult soul has already been formed. We can use the morning-after pill or whatever kind of contraceptive, but we are always dealing with a baby with an adult soul, completely formed.”

What an interesting confirmation of the metaphysical musings of the saints. Our minds and our bodies may not be mature, but our soul is. Dr. Polo continues:

“I saw in the Book of Life how our soul, as soon as the two cells touch, form a spark of beautiful light, and this light seems to be a sun that comes from the Sun of God, the Father. The baby is immersed in the Holy Spirit, who comes out of the Heart of God! The womb of a mother, immediately after conception, illuminates suddenly from the splendor of the soul and its communion with God.”

Dr. Polo realized just how beautiful life is. How could it be otherwise? It flows from the very Heart of God Himself. Dr. Polo admits that she led a life of sexual immorality and had had abortions. She was an atheist, until God made her face the reality of her “choice:”

“When you tear out this baby, this life… I saw how the Lord jumps, when this soul is ripped from His Hands. When they kill him, the baby cries out so much; all of Heaven trembles!”

All of heaven trembles. All of this because of single life?

When a Catholic says that ‘although I’m personally against abortion and would never have one myself, I can’t impose my view on someone else,’ all of heaven trembles because that Catholic has refused to stand up for his neighbor. And Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

A woman doesn’t “own” the child in her womb. He or she are on loan from God. We are called to lavish them with as much love as we give ourselves, because each child, every single one of them, is our neighbor.

Dr. Polo reveals just how high are the stakes:

“Every time that the blood of the baby is shed, it is a holocaust to Satan, who acquires still more power. In hell, it is a cry of jubilation and of triumph. After the abortions, I thought that I no longer committed sins. The saddest thing was how, in my family-planning program, I was also killing. Do you know why? I was using the IUD (intrauterine device) as a contraceptive, from the time I was sixteen years old.”

Dr. Polo’s revelation of the metaphysical reality of abortion brings us back to politics.

The party of the little guy, the Republicans, just lost the presidential election. Their candidate ran a campaign in support of human rights for the pre born. The opponent ran a campaign based on abortion “rights,” a position ultimately based on a denial of human rights for our neighbor, the preborn.

The inevitable post election hand-wringing has begun with the inevitable suggestion that Republicans have to move away from their “radical” positions, with Life being one of the most radical. Interestingly, a lot of this talk come from the Left.

“Just look at Todd Akins!” is the cry. Well, Todd Akin stuck his foot in his mouth when he used the words “legitimate” and “rape” in the same sentence.

“Well, what about Richard Mourdock in Ohio?” is another cry we hear. I would remind you that he was beaten by a pro life Democrat. There are some out there.

“Well, Republicans are viewed as waging a war on women! They’ve got to back off of all of their radical pro life talk!” This is simply a media fabrication. Yes, black women went for Barack Obama overwhelmingly. I understand their vote. I don’t even begrudge their vote. On the other hand, when you remove black women from the equation, Republicans and Democrats evenly split the women vote.

The pro life movement is on fire. This is the movement that fuels the Republican party. If the Democratic Party really wanted to bury the Republicans, all they would simply need to do is embrace human rights for the pre-born.

As it stands, they are once again on the wrong side of history, just as they were in another era with their adamant support of slavery.

The issues are the same.

Heaven doesn’t care about party affiliation. It cares about souls. It trembles every time one of our brothers or sisters is aborted.

The pro life movement is on fire, because it is fueled by Love. God is Love.

Try stopping God.


  1. Bob Zimmerman on November 8, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Powerful!… Truly undeniable testimony that puts to rest the question of “when does a human becomes human?”…

    • quinersdiner on November 8, 2012 at 2:32 pm

      Thanks for sharing the link that provided me with the background for this piece.

      • quinersdiner on November 9, 2012 at 4:38 pm

        Your brother’s comment does grave damage to conservatives.

  2. Bob Vance on November 9, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    I am going to put this here, because I am not sure you will see it on the older posts.

    My brother finally called me. We had a nice conversation for about 15 minutes and I was careful not to bring up politics as I knew that was his main reason for calling.

    Finally, after he complained about the high cost of shipping (we both have our own businesses), I told him that I order a lot of stuff off of Ebay and I find it surprising that most everything I buy from China has free shipping. Once I said that, he made a rather snide comment “I suppose YOUR president will fix all that now.”

    I calmly replied, “We’ll see. Not much has changed.”

    Then the true discussion began. He, like you, also blamed Crowley for destroying Romney’s chances, at which I told him Romney dropped it once the official CIA report came out. When my brother told me that the CIA report was nothing but lies, I replied that I don’t think it would have been in Romney’s best interest to call the CIA liars.

    The discussion came back to Crowley, and he said something to the effect that she should have kept her mouth shut. I calmly told him that technically she was correct. Romney had misspoke. Obama did refer to it as an act of terror the next day, but then she did admit that it took several days before the administration actually admitted it was a terrorists’ act. I told my brother that officially, they couldn’t say anything in the beginning until they figured out a way to minimize overexposure to the remaining under-cover CIA operatives. When he said how Obama ordered them to stand down, I told him that the CIA outright denies that allegation.

    With this, it came down to the real reason my brother and many like him don’t like Obama. “We’ll he’s nothing but a lying nigg*r”.
    The conversation continued for a couple more minutes while I sat in silence letting my brother rant for a few minutes before he hung up.

    Now, I don’t include you in the same extreme group, but I do want you to realize where I am coming from. Racism is alive and well in America. Homophobia is alive and well in America. Sexism is alive and well in America. Unfortunately, people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Fox News just agitates people like my brother into all kinds of conspiracy theories and hate.

    But, if the Republican Party is going to survive at all (which I still include myself), the party needs to get over it and find ways to welcome these minorities into the party.