Liberals prefer the term “Happy Inauguration” over “Merry Christmas”

By Tom Quiner


The end of the Twinkie was a big joke to the Mainstream Media (MSM).

ABC News made light of the manufacturer of Hostess Twinkies laying off 18,000 workers. Anchor Josh Elliott laughed,

“You know, I’m just going to save mine for 12 years when it will still be good. A toast to Twinkies.”

This economic tragedy was a joke to ABC News.

However, they offered a different view in their coverage of the fiscal cliff negotiations. Reporter Jon Karl fretted about job loss if Obama didn’t get his way:

“Without a deal, unemployment compensation will end for more than two million people who’ve been out of work more than 26 weeks.”

Is the MSM biased?

Is Jodi Miller funny?

How’s that for a segue? It’s Friday! Time for some straight-talkin’ news from our favorite straight-talkin’ reporter, Jodi Miller of NewsBusted.

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Laugh. Love. Live!

Have a great weekend!