By Tom Quiner


Is news reporting about entertainment or journalism?

The MSM Media thinks it is the former, but not NewsBusted’s ace reporter, Jodi Miller.

Her stories are hard-hitting.

They go where no other reporter dares to go.

They are totally unbiased, especially if you’re a conservative!

Here’s this week’s scoops:

√ Obama calls for a “national day of service.”

√ If you’re rich in California, you work for the government.

√ Democrat’s guilt over loving socialism.

√ Why NBC News says George Zimmerman is a racist.

√ What do Daniel-Day Lewis and Al Gore have in common?

√ Why the Jacksonville Jaguars actually DO have some firepower.

√ SHOCK! Guess where people are sitting when they shop online?!

√ Do you believe Snoop Lion actually smokes that much dope EACH day?

It’s Friday! Get ready to start your weekend right by spending a few minutes with Jodi Miller.

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