Carl Rove: Romney might still win Ohio!

By Tom Quiner


Okay, the headline is stated tongue in cheek. That is a sign that it’s Friday. You know what that means, don’t you? It’s time for NewBusted’s Jodi Miller to report the news with a conservative twist and a smile.

Here’ s this week’s scoops …

√ Similarities between Pope Francis and Mayor Bloomberg?

√ Liberals claim Pope’s beliefs violate the separation between Church and Church!

√ Chris Christie celebrates St. Patrick’s Day.

√ Mayor Bloomberg’s latest gambit to ban “Big Gulps”

√ Hugo Chavez R.I.P.

√ Carl Rove: Romney might still win Ohio!

√ Why shoppers were surprised when a woman gave birth in Wal-Mart.

√ American Idol ratings tank.

Take it away, Jodi!