Descent into mediocrity

By Tom Quiner


America has changed dramatically in the past 60 months.

Depending on your perspective, the Obama Government deserves some of the blame … or credit.

A new study reveals that 3 out of 4 Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Their savings are gone. The Obama economy has laid them low.

What characterizes the Obama economy? Many things. The nation’s credit has been downgraded, so the government pays higher interest rates on the growing national debt.

The national debt has skyrocketed by some $5 trillion under the Obama Government, which is putting pressure on our ability to afford our vast entitlement programs and government safety net. To compound the problem, the Obama Government added a new entitlement, Obamacare, which is driving up health care and health insurance costs.

Liberal California Governor, Jerry Brown admitted the price tag is very high for his state:

“Great risks and uncertainties lie ahead. The federal government, the courts, or changes in the economy all could cost us billions.”

The IRS, the government agency that will enforce the complex, new Obamacare regulations tells us health insurance is going to skyrocket by 2016:

“The annual national average bronze plan premium for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children) is $20,000.”

This will be the CHEAPEST plan we will be able to purchase under the Obama Government.

Obamacare imposes so many new regulations on businesses and individuals, that it will take government 127 MILLION hours PER YEAR to simply handle the paperwork. This doesn’t count the regulatory burden in the private sector.

The Obama Government has expanded government regulations in every aspect of our lives.

Now the Obama Government is imposing new regulations on our nation’s carbon-based energy supplies, effectively shutting down our coal industry.

Here in Iowa, coal supplies 71% of our energy.

Congress did not vote on this new mandate. It was imposed on us by presidential edict.

Mr. Obama sneeringly referred to those of us who reject climate change religion as being the equivalent of a “flat earth society.”

This is his tactic to shut down debate.

In the meantime, according to a study by the Heritage Foundation, the elimination of coal from our nation’s energy grid will cost the average household $1400 a year in higher energy costs.

Our descent into mediocrity is accelerated by the Obama Government’s embrace of the false god of climate change.

With this latest edict, the number of people living paycheck to paycheck will only increase.

It’s time to be honest with our kids and grandkids: we’ve got get over our love affair with prosperity.


  1. bobic7 on June 26, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    Tom, your description of this dismal state of affairs is excellent. However, something else has happened that dwarfs everything you describe. Quite simply, the citizens of our nation have lost control over their federal government, and many of them either don’t know it or don’t care. The politicians have bought their votes by playing to their fears and interests, and giving them various benefits and support payments.

    • quinersdiner on June 26, 2013 at 2:23 pm

      Bob, I’d like to say that you’re wrong, but I can’t. The evidence is convincing. Thanks for writing.

  2. oarubio on June 28, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Bobic7 is right. Our government isn’t “by the people,” it’s “over the people.” And sadly, he is also correct about the dire straits of our situation (carefully crafted by a an unofficial dictator who wants us all dependent on him). Economic climate change should be our biggest concern and it has caused many to resort to surviving and little else. They have no interest or energy for defending the eternal truths which would fix this mess. It will be the 21st century version of the Dark Ages if we don’t prevent it. (There’s a WordPress article here for one of us.) — Tony