In praise of the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill

The individual mandate would be repealed. The Left and their media mouthpieces, such as Jimmy Kimmel, blather that this would take away health insurance from 24 million people. Actually, no. Since there would be no more individual mandate, millions of people could voluntarily choose not to continue with their coverage without the coercion of governmental penalties. You would be perfectly free to continue purchasing the plan of your choice if you wish, only there wouldn’t be a gun pointed at your head. No would take your coverage away from you, no one but you, that is.

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Why isn’t Congress on Obamacare?

There is a meme showing up on Facebook that says:

“Let’s try this again: All Americans should have the same health insurance and care as the members of the House and Senate.”

There is a variation on the theme I’ve also seen that goes like this:

“Give us the exact same health coverage that Congress gets, or give Congress the same healthcare that they gave us.”

What is interesting is that this meme is showing up on the Facebook pages of liberal voters, people who hate Trump and love Obama….

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The Schmuck Strategy for fixing Obamacare

Obamacare cynically forces us to be schmucks.  Then-President Obama intoned that Obamacare would drive down our premiums by $2500; that we could keep our current plan if we prefer; and that we could keep our current doctor if we prefer.

Each proved to be untrue. In fact, premiums went up an average of $2500 per insured. The president was off by $5000 per policy! We’re not even paying retail on health insurance any more, we’re paying more than retail for policies with higher deductibles and more red tape.

The Schmuck Strategy will help. Here it is: President Trump can compel Congress to be fellow Schmucks with the rest of us Schmucks…

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The reality of Sarah Palin’s “death panels”

Liberals sneered at Sara Palin’s contention that socialized medicine by necessity includes death panels.

The mainstream media, of course, backed them up with dismissive articles that characterized Ms. Palin and anyone who opposes the mock benevolence of socialized medicine as a whack job.

Liberals are good at masking the sometimes immoral purposes of a government bureau, so they’ll give it a soothing name, such as an Independent Payment Advisory Board…

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The Schmuck Strategy for fixing Obamacare

President Trump can compel Congress to be fellow Schmucks with the rest of us Schmucks.

The Obamacare legislation applied to Congress as well as the rest of us Schmucks when it was passed. They, too, were required to purchase personal insurance under the terms of the Affordable Care Act.

Prior to that, their boss (us, the taxpaying Schmucks) picked up the entire tab for their health insurance. Obamacare seemingly changed that, requiring Congress and their staffers to purchase coverage on Obamacare exchanges.

But with a stroke of pen, Barack Obama undid the tethers that bound them to the monstrosity they had created…

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