It’s official: the IRS targeted conservative groups, not liberal

By Tom Quiner

Liberals began rewriting history immediately.

Their spin: the IRS targeted liberal groups as well as conservative groups. In other words, there is no scandal.

The IRS Inspector General J. Russell George quickly set things straight:

“We found no indication in any of these other materials that ‘Progressives’ was a term used to refer cases for scrutiny for political campaign intervention.”

He said liberal groups were NOT targeted.

Mr. George said Tea Party and other conservative groups were processed as “potential political cases” every time.

The Obama Government’s IRS DID target conservative groups.

Here’s an example of how the discrimination worked, as described by Rebecca Diserio. She was DownloadedFileinvolved with the Tea Party. She was conservative. She was Catholic.

Strike one, strike two, strike three, you’re out!

Here’s her story:

In 2010, I started my Blog Talk Radio show, which grew into a “Radio Network” called “Fidelis Radio Network”.  Blessed with a few other Conservative voices, Fidelis averaged over 200,000 listens a month.  Fidelis also had Catholic programming.  As of December 2012, we aired 3 “Conservative Politics” talk shows and 3 “Conservative” Catholic talk shows.  As we grew we attracted some “big named” interviews.  We had plans to expand in 2013.

What a recipe for “disaster”—-Tea Party type folks and Catholics, exactly the mix the Obama Administration “loves” the most.  Those darn Catholics and their non-compliance with providing abortions and birth control.  And those backwater Tea Party hicks, always ranting about their “free speech” while carrying AK47′s around.

Sometime at the end of January, or beginning of February, a funny thing happened.

My husband’s direct deposit pay which is approximately 1600 every 2 weeks was garnished—–and I mean garnished.  Confused and alarmed, his Human Resources Department said it was the IRS.  The IRS? Huh? What?

We never received any correspondence prior– as in “Hello, unless you pay we will start to garnish your wages”.     We usually get a tax return.  His pay was garnished so that we netted 365.00 every 2 weeks.

Luckily, my husband is a “Retired Detective” who receives a pension.   He took a job after retirement  for a firm which needed experienced top professionals in security— for one purpose—to ensure my sons, his step-sons, could finish College.

It had to be a mistake.  This garnishment….what else could it be?  I tried without success to reach a “live” person at the IRS.  And stupid me.  I kept thinking—watch—-his next paycheck will be “right”.  But the HR Department never received any paperwork to stop it.  I STILL thought, I KNEW, its a clerical error somewhere, and I kept calling.  One time on hold for over 3 hours.

Our lives changed drastically.  Just like Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, my focus was food and shelter.  And getting our sons to their classes.  That was the one thing I could not, would not, allow to change.  My middle son was scheduled to graduate in May 2013, my youngest son was in his Junior year.

So, as I do in a crisis, I tried to just focus on food and shelter.  No internet, no TV, no cell phones.  Little by little all the things many of us take for granted had to go.  And then I got through.  YES, about a week before the whole IRS story “broke” a live person was on the phone with me.

After I gave our Social Security numbers, the “minion” placed me on hold to get a Supervisor.  The Supervisor was completely apologetic! (HUH? the IRS acting somewhat human?)

“OH, mam, yes we have your file here, and while you are on the phone, as we speak, I am faxing directly to your husband’s Human Resource Department to lift this….right away…hold on….its going through.  Yes, there.  Now give them a call to make sure.”

Shocked, and elated, I asked few questions.  At this point I was suffering from exhaustion, depression, shell shock.

I asked “Well, can you tell me why this “snafu” occured?” Silence for about 30 seconds.  Then “Hmmm, its odd, looks like your return was “flagged” for something….not sure why, but its fixed now and you should not expect anymore issues.”

When the IRS story broke, it still didn’t fit until I remembered in January my accountant filed Fidelis Radio as a start-up business, a Conservative Radio Network— so we could write off the expenses.

You can read Ms. Diserio’s complete story at the Conservative Daily News.

Here’s the significance of her story and the IRS scandal: the Obama Government used its considerable clout to go after the little guy and silence political dissent.

We don’t know if the president was directly involved, although the head of the IRS met with him well over a hundred times. It looks suspicious.

The little guy has good reason to fear Big Government. They can turn our lives upside down without just cause, as Ms. Diserio learned.


  1. eMatters on June 27, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    This is one of the most flagrant abuses of power in U.S. history, yet as you would expect, they mainstream media is doing their best to hide and ignore it.

    • quinersdiner on June 27, 2013 at 1:40 pm

      The story morphed into “Republican overreach”,then it turned into “looks like the IRS targeted ‘progressives’ too.” Yes, the MSM is doing its usual bang up job revising the storyline. Thanks for writing. Love your blog!

  2. Lisa Bourne on June 27, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    The president is a thug, presiding over a bunch of other thugs. Talking smack recently to his lapdog press regarding his latest power grab, he nastily said he wasn’t going to hold a meeting with the “Flat Earth Society,” referring to those who do not buy into the GlobalWarmingClimateChange Scam. This was humorous, given it was members of the Flat Earth Society who voted him into office.

  3. Donnie on June 27, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Reblogged this on donnie2016blog.

  4. oarubio on June 29, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    If left unchallenged, a preview of the Fourth Reich?

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