“Keep your faith to yourself” … only if you’re Christian

By Tom Quiner

The winds of change are here.

The First Amendment is passe’.

Christianity is being targeted by federal and state governments at the same time they coddle Islam.

In Texas, the Obama Government pressured a pro life group to “keep your faith to yourself.”  Pro Life Revolution is a group which provides support for pregnant women in abusive relationships. Countless abortions take place because pregnant women are coerced into them by their abusive husbands/boyfriends/hook-ups.

Pro Life Revolution applied for tax-exempt status in 2011. The IRS, as they have done with other conservative, pro life, and Christian groups, dragged their feet for over two years before approving their status.

Even more, Pro Life Revolution received a phone a phone call, which was recorded, from IRS Exempt Organization Specialist Sherry Wan in March 2012. Ms. Wan leaned on Pro Life Revolution in a most unfriendly way:

“You cannot force your religion or force your beliefs on somebody else…. You have to know your boundaries. You have to know your limits. You have to respect other people’s beliefs.”

In other words, you’re Christian. Shut up.

In Michigan, a similar anti-Christian scenario played itself out. The Roseville Public School System would give permission slips for students to attend a Bible class.

The class was held at a local Baptist Church, not on school property.

The school system did not provide transportation to take the students to the class.

Nonetheless, Muslims were offended. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wrote a convincing letter to the school district:

“School staff and teachers are not to serve as advocates for one particular religion or congregation within a religion by passing out slips inviting parents to give permission for their children to attend religious instruction. . . According to the United States Supreme Court, the First Amendment clearly requires that public school students and their parents are never given the impression that their school/school district prefers a specific religion over others or sanctions religion in general.”

The school district caved and apologized.

Over in Dearborn (MI), CAIR made a different demand. They railed that Dearborn schools did not accommodate the prayer requirements of Muslim students. According to the Arab American News, the district caved, as their press release states:

DEARBORN — The Council on American Islamic Relations of Michigan (CAIR-MI) staff recently met with Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Brian Whiston to discuss concerns from some parents regarding prayer accommodations in Dearborn Public Schools. Dearborn Public Schools has implemented a policy which fully accommodates student-led prayer in all the schools, as well as unexcused absences for students who leave early on Fridays for Jumu’ah prayers. CAIR-MI is currently in discussion with Melvindale Public Schools to get similar accommodations for students that are now in place for Dearborn Public Schools.
Christian prayer has been expunged from our schools by liberal thought police at the same time that Muslim prayer is accommodated by the same people. These stories play themselves out from Texas to Michigan, from New York to California every single day. Liberals bend to the will of Islam at the same time they confront Christianity in the public square. We can let it ride and continue to elect Democrats. Or we can stand our ground and elect conservatives.
Life is simple.



  1. Robert Robinson on June 12, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Unfortunately many so-called Christians are not getting the message or they are looking away not willing to look at the present reality on this earth. This fine article helps tremendously in speaking that truth.
    Robert robinson

    • quinersdiner on June 12, 2013 at 8:05 pm

      Thanks for writing.

  2. secretangelps911 on June 12, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    so sad that this is happening…

    • quinersdiner on June 12, 2013 at 8:05 pm

      I agree. Thanks for writing.

  3. richds on June 12, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    This won’t get published because you can’t allow reality in here, but I have to point out that you aren’t getting any sympathy from the atheists that you (christians) have been pissing all over for centuries, even in a country where it is supposedly not legal. In the broader scale of justice, you guys need a pretty good kicking around for things like the Spanish Inquisition and the other brutal theocratic destruction you have perpetrated on everyone else, the the chances of that happening (and the REAL injustices being righted) are about the same as me winning the lottery.

    • to bless africa on June 18, 2013 at 10:22 am

      Richds, forgive me, but I wonder how aware you are of the history of Christianity? The Jewish founder of the Christian faith was condemned – by all verifiable accounts unjustly – to a criminal’s death, where he died. Of his twelve closest friends and followers – who believed in his message so strongly that after his death they went from England to India, Persia to Ethiopia, Spain to Turkey to spread that message – all but eleven were brutally murdered. According to tradition the only reason the twelfth wasn’t murdered was that when they threw him – as an old man – into boiling oil and then into fire, nothing happened to him; so they banished him instead to a hard labour camp, in his 90s, not knowing what else to do with him.
      This led many of them of course into actually writing that to become a Christian meant to invite suffering into your life (2Tim3:12, 1Pet4:12, 1John3:13, and many more references!).
      When the government of the time realized that this pest (the Christian faith) wasn’t dying out, they instituted legal reforms to stamp it out – from the confiscation of property for anyone who claimed to be Christian, to imprisonment, to death. And not just any death, we’re talking here rolling live Christians in tar and using them to light garden parties, or throwing unarmed and half-starved Christians to equally hungry lions to see how long they could survive. A couple of hundred years later, despite these policies, Christianity had so saturated that empire that it became the official religion.
      Over the next couple of hundred years Christianity continued to spread into northern Europe, northern Africa, the middle east, south asia, and east asia, generally through much hardship, suffering and opposition.
      Then came Islam, sweeping through the Christian middle east, Christian North Africa, and Christian South Asia so quickly, doing much the same to Christians as had been done before, except here they gave Christians a choice – you could become Muslim or you could die; and for a time, it seemed like Christianity had been almost extinguished in these areas. Today around 650,000 Muslims are become Christians every year in North Africa, the middle East and further East (I think that works out to around 5 people every 4 minutes), and Islam is trying hard to adapt to remain relevant, including a radicalization in part, but it’s not being overly successful.
      But let’s go back – Christians continued spreading through the Earth, most often being tortured, killed, or in some way oppressed by the local status quo because of the upheaval this message brought, before spreading like wildfire; and Christians were willing to suffer for this – from selling themselves into slavery to being thrown into prisons in brutal conditions, to -of course – death.
      These years did also see, in some parts of the world, examples of Christianity getting officially embroiled in local politics leading to events like the crusades, the conquistadores, the inquisition, etc, but generally when that happened the results were not great for the institutions carrying them out, as the spontaneous breakup and implosion of the Spanish Empire, the uncontested greatest empire of it’s time on Earth, shows us.
      More recently of course we have stories like those coming out of China (being one example, things like this are also happening in many, many other countries in the world), where the Communist bamboo curtain came down a few decades ago, and official programs for the destruction of Christianity began. In many parts of China, when Christians sang Christian songs, the songs were about being shot, killed, tortured, abandoned, etc, for the sake of Jesus. The Church in China today is about the biggest church the world has ever seen at over 100 million people (speaking of course not about a building where people meet, but about a body of people within a somewhat homogenous culture meeting regularly – not all together, generally in groups of around 10 and hidden from the government – to worship Jesus). In just a few decades – no more than half a million Christians existed in China in 1950.
      Anyways richds, all that just to say, the kicking around you suggest started around two thousand years ago and is still happening around the world today, it is in fact in the midst of that kicking around that Christianity has historically grown the fastest. Be careful what you wish for! For some historical perspective may I recommend this course (http://www.perspectives.org/).
      Also, I hope you win the lottery, that would be really cool! 🙂

      • quinersdiner on June 18, 2013 at 10:52 am

        Thanks for such a comprehensive response. This is good material. Christian persecution not only still takes place, but it takes place with a vengeance. Thanks for writing.

  4. oarubio on June 18, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    In addition, the President may attend Protestant churches instead of mosques, but his actions show where his true sympathies are.

    • quinersdiner on June 18, 2013 at 2:28 pm

      I’m not sure what the president’s religion beliefs really are. His accommodations to Muslims may be driven by political correctness and liberal guilt as much as anything.