La-de-da politics

By Tom Quiner

“Tell me one thing you like about your opponent.”

This is one of those sappy questions lightweight political reporters ask of candidates in a debate.
Most candidates intensely dislike their opponent. This question puts them in a position of being disingenuous at best, and lying through their teeth at worse.
I’d love to see a Saturday Night Live skit based on this question that would go something like this:

MODERATOR:  “So tell me, Mrs. Clinton, one thing you like about your opponent.”
CLINTON: “I’ve got to shoot straight with you and the American people: I can’t stand this guy. When I think of an apt synonym of the word “scumbag,” his name is what immediately pops into my head. If he has a single redeemable trait, I have yet to see it. If he were to win the election,  we might as well rename the USA as the United Scumbags of America. Nonetheless, I wish him and his family well.
MODERATOR: That was refreshingly candid, Mrs. Clinton. I think I speak for many when I say that this country needs more  straight talk like this. It took courage for you to speak so forthrightly, and I thank-you for it.
Okay, same  question for you, Senator Cruz, tell me one thing you like about your opponent.”
CRUZ:  She keeps coming up with creative hair styles.

Chris Christie and his opponent, Barbara Buono, were each asked this question in a recent debate, which I’ve posted above.
Watch Ms. Buono flunk the question. Watch Mr. Christie hit it out of the park.
Election over.