Liberal comedian, Bill Maher, belittles WWII war heroes

By Tom Quiner

Bill Maher makes millions being nasty to nice people.
He safely surrounds himself with adoring fans who laugh at his every profane-laced putdown of people with whom he disagrees politically.
On the other hand, our World War II veterans sacrificed their lives to protect the free speech rights that allow the likes of Bill Maher to vomit his  brand of bile on high profile television shows.
Our WWII heroes were not surrounded by adoring crowds. They were surrounded by an enemy that wanted to kill them.
So when the Obama Government made the choice to blockade the WWII Memorial, most Americans were outraged. Not a liberal like Bill Maher.  He essentially called our WWII  heroes stupid:

“That was closed, so a bunch of the World War II vets knocked down the barriers and stormed it. And then I loved this, they posed for pictures with Michele Bachmann who showed up. Michele Bachmann, one of the people most responsible for shutting the f*ck&#g thing down. They’re the greatest generation – nobody said they were the brightest generation.”

He also called Ms. Bachmann and Sarah Palin “boobs.”
Imagine the uproar if a conservative called Hillary Clinton a boob.
Imagine the uproar if a conservative called WWII heroes dumb.