That old clunker is looking better by the minute

By Tom Quiner

A loyal Quiner’s Diner reader fired me an e-mail with his take on the economic affairs of America.
I like his analogy. Let me know if you agree:

  Here is my “poor man’s explanation” of the economic woes we are experiencing. Any comments you have would be welcome.

        I am a simple man with a simple explanation of the economic malaise in which we find ourselves.  Simply put, the economy is in “stall” mode and here is why:
        The economic engine is being “revved” by a trillion (TRILLION!) dollar stimulus, several repetitions of QE somethings or another (I think that’s like making up money that ain’t there and goosing the economy with it?!?!?) and low interest rates which are unprecedented. Also, can anyone say deficit spending?
        There are probably only 2 words needed to explain the “brakes” being applied —- Obamacare and stifling regulation, especially in the energy industry (the E.P.A., particularly).
        Whether driving a car or running an economy, if you rev the engine and apply the brakes at the same time, you have “stall” mode, big time.
        All analogies are said to limp, but this one seems to cover a lot of ground……where am i wrong?!?!?
The analogy works for me. If we don’t overhaul this vehicle fast, I’m afraid we’re going to strip the gears and total the thing. And since we no longer have a good, old reliable clunker in our garage (thanks to cash for clunkers), we’d better hope our pogo stick still works. Thanks to Tom Maly for his thoughts on the subject.