The disturbing rising tide of infanticide

By Tom Quiner

“Infanticide was considered good social policy.”

So writes Catholic author, Mike Aquilina, in his book, “Yours is the Church.”
He refers to the Roman Empire in the early years of Christianity. Infanticide was prevalent in the Roman world, says Aquilina:

“Today it seems so obvious to us that infanticide is wrong that we have a hard time understanding just how radical the Christian position was.   Christians were setting themselves directly against the ancient fundamental law of Rome, the Twelve Tables, passed down from the time of the half -mythological kings. A father was specifically granted the right to discard a newborn infant if it was a girl or if it was a boy but defective in some way.  Infanticide was considered good social policy.”

Christianity changed all that when it gained the upper hand in the Roman Empire and began to drive out pagan public policies.
Here in the U.S., the pagan practice of infanticide was reviled for most of our history. Something is happening now that should be a wake up call for each of us.
Infanticide is becoming increasingly common. LifeSiteNews recapped recent occurrences over the last eight months:

  • October 17 – A 17-year-old girl is stopped at a Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan for suspected shoplifting, and admits that in her bag she has the body of a baby that she gave birth to the day previous.
  • October 11 – A newborn baby is found, bleeding but alive, with part of his umbilical cord still attached, abandoned on the concrete in the back yard of a house in Queen’s, New York. The baby survived.
  • September 19 – The body of a baby is found at a garbage dump in West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.
  • August 28 – A woman gives birth in a bar bathroom in Pennsylvania, stuffs the baby in the water tank of a toilet, and then returns to the bar to watch a fight on TV. The body was subsequently discovered by the bar owner.
  • August 7 – The body of a baby is discovered at hospital rest room in Texas.
  • July 9 – Police discover the body of a baby abandoned in a diaper box in the bushes at a public park in Roseville, California.
  • June 21 – The body of a small baby is found in a solid waste tank in a waste disposal plant just north of Montreal. Police say the baby was likely flushed down the toilet.
  • June 21  – The body of a newborn baby is discovered in a trash can in Oildale, California.
  • June 20 – An Iraqi-born UK woman is found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm after stuffing her baby in a garbage bag and throwing her down a 44 ft. garbage chute.
  • June 14 – A garbage truck driver in Thailand sees a small hand emerge from a garbage bag during a pickup. The baby had a balloon tied around her throat.
  • June 12 – Brittany Cole is arrested in Altheimer, Arkansas, after dumping her infant son in the trash can. She reportedly told police that she was tired of caring for the baby and could no longer do so.
  • June 5 – Twenty-seven-year-old Virginia resident Shavaughn Robinson is charged after allegedly giving birth in a toilet, then placing her daughter in a trash can, and then taking the garbage bag with the baby in it out of the can and tossing it in a dumpster.
  • June 4 – A dog discovers a living baby in Thailand that had been placed in a white plastic bag in a dump. The baby, which was premature, survived.
  • May 30 – Police announce that charges will not be filed against a Kansas teen who gave birth and dumped the body of her baby in a trash can. The teen claimed the baby was stillborn.
  • May 27 – Video footage of firefighters in Jinhua, China, rescuing a baby who had become stuck in a sewage pipe, rockets around the globe. The baby’s mother apparently gave birth on the toilet, and by her own account “accidentally” flushed the baby down the toilet. The mom reportedly hid the pregnancy because the baby was not considered legal under China’s brutal One-Child Policy.
  • May 2 – Cherlie Lafleur, 19, is arrested in Pennsylvania after allegedly attempting to flush her newborn baby down the toilet at her school. When that didn’t work, she reportedly deposited the body in the trash can.
  • Dec. 10, 2012 – The body of a newborn baby is discovered on the conveyor belt of a garbage sorting facility in La Puente, California.

We live in a culture of death today. Unfettered abortion is the law of the land. Paganism is on the rise, as we can see in the examples above.
What stands between civilization and a free fall back into paganism?
The Church.
Not science. Not politics. Not technology.
The Church. That is our only hope.