Bring it on!

By Tom Quiner

Christianity is being challenged by new and old foes. Where shall I begin?
Sexual paganism. It’s baaaack! Homosexuality is flourishing; so-called same-sex marriage is spreading with the enthusiastic support of the Secular Humanists. We’re beginning to look more and more like ancient Greece and Rome.
Speaking of Rome, our arena-style entertainment has evolved to include scantily-clad women beating each other’s brains in. Pugilist Ronda Rousey has earned a million dollars from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) for being attractive and deadly.
college-liberal-abortionMeanwhile, sexual paganist, Sandra Fluke, is cheered by the same Secular Humanists mentioned above for demanding that taxpayers, including Christians, be coerced to pay for her contraception as  a curb to her promiscuity habit.
And when her contraception fails, as it inevitably will, simply abort.
If it feels good, baby, do it … and let someone else pick up the tab.
Christianity has curbed the destructive desires of man’s lust before, it can do it again.
Bring it on!
Secular humanism. Today’s elite emphasize man more than God, if they even believe in God. Some do; some don’t.
This is religion without revelation, as Dr. Peter Kreeft characterizes it. The supernatural, dogma, miracles, authority, and miracles play no role in this religion. Everything is gauged by social activity and “right” feelings.
“I’ve got to be me,” is the mantra, rather than “Praised be the Lord, who has redeemed me from myself!” as professed by St. Teresa of Avila.
Ultimately, though, the blinding beauty of Christianity can’t be suppressed. A “horizontal” religious experience based on social justice alone will always, always pale when compared to a “vertical” expression of faith.
God is personal. He whispers His love into our ears a hundred times with each beat of our heart.
When we stop to listen, we thirst for more.
Secular Humanism is a cheap imitation of the awe-inspiring grandeur of Christianity.
Bring it on!
Islam. Muslims have been killing Christians down through the ages, when they’re not killing each other. Muslims are killing Christians in the  Mideast with a vengeance right now.
There’s nothing new about about their hatred for everything non-Muslim, just as there is nothing new about Christianity’s embrace of love and forgiveness as the cornerstone of peace and justice.
Hate is self-defeating and will eventually destroy itself.
In the meantime, let us Christians stand tall, pray for our persecuted sisters and brothers, and speak out against the governments and politicians who look the other way. Let us provide the material, as well as spiritual, support they require to survive in a land that so desperately needs Christ.
Bring it on!
Evangelical atheism. In the history of man, atheism is a fairly new phenomenon. What is interesting today is the vibrant, evangelical atheism we are witnessing. Atheists in some quarters are meeting in their own temples to worship nihilism. They are taking ads out on buses and billboards. They are holding conventions.
What is really fascinating is their need to denigrate Christianity generally, and Catholicism specifically, with an emphasizes on mocking our Holy Eucharist.
St. Augustine explained the psychology of atheists this way: “No one denies God unless he has some reason for wanting him not to exist.”
The prospect of spending eternity with our Creator is thrilling. What does nihilism have to offer?
Bring it on, baby!
Materialism. Do you remember when Jesus said it’s easier to walk through the eye of a needle than for a rich man go get to heaven? I think he’s talking to us Americans, and it’s not just money he’s talking about. He’s asking us, what is your God? Is it money? Lust? Booze? Golf?
In other words, what is getting between you … and God?
Man has been selfish down through the ages. And yet Christ keeps breaking through. He just can’t be stopped.
Bring it on, baby, we’re ready!
Defeatism. This is an insidious challenge to modern Christians. We’ve had it pretty cushy. Now we’re seeing dramatic inroads being made from all of the challenges listed above.
I’ve got news for you friends, this isn’t anything new.
Here is the question, and it IS a tough one: do you really, really believe in the power of the Holy Spirit?
Do you believe that the forces at work above are stronger than God? Or do you think the Creator of the universe is stronger?
It is a no-brainer.  For the Christian, let us keep the faith. Let us stand tall in the public square, even in the face of the economic martyrdom people in this country face who dissent with the Secular Humanists; and let us especially stand tall on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the Mideast and around the world whose very lives are on the line.
The life of a Christian is a glorious adventure. We win some battles, and lose others. But we will win the war, because we are led by a God who will raise us up on eagle’s wings.
Bring it on!

[Happy Thanksgiving. Thank-you for reading Quiner’s Diner.]