By Tom Quiner

What’s the difference between a liberal and a conservative?
Liberals base their belief system on feelings. Conservatives base theirs on logic.
On that basis, liberals should love today’s breaking news presented by NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller.
Ms. Miller’s side-splitting presentation of this week’s news evokes laughter. Humor is a feeling isn’t it? Therefore, liberal are going to love it.
You will, too. Here’s this week’s top, breaking news stories:

√ Democrat’s successful voter outreach!
√ What U.S. and Venezuelan healthcare systems have in common.
√ Suddenly, Chevy Volt sales don’t look so bad!  Here’s why.
√ Chinese invent astronaut robot. MSNBC already beat them to the punch!
√ Facebook glitch doesn’t deter the NSA.
√ Democrats applaud secret tunnel between the U.S. and Mexico!
√ Food stamp cuts force folks to make tough decisions.
√ Bill Maher blasts Christians.

The weekend is here. Relax. Enjoy a few laughs at the expense of our liberal brothers and sisters. Enjoy the feeling!
Take it away, Jodi Miller!

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