Thank the rich for picking up your tab


By Tom Quiner

The rich are bad guys.
At least that’s what the liberals/progressives/leftists (LPLs) espouse.
Somehow, it is suggested, that the rich got their bounty on the backs of the rest of us schmucks, that their gains are tainted, even ill-gotten.
Even more,  the LPLs believe that wealth is a zero-sum gain. In other words, there is a fixed amount of wealth, goes their misguided thinking, and the rich take from the poor by making so much money.
It doesn’t make sense, of course.
Take Steve Jobs. His innovations created tens of thousands of jobs and untold wealth for many.
The same goes for Bill Gates. Or Sam Walton. Or Thomas Edison.
You get the idea. In this country, our system financially rewards the creators, the innovators, and the risk-takers who make our lives better.
They expand the pie through the power of capitalism.
LPLs don’t like them, if you go by their unrelenting rhetoric about the “filthy rich.” If the LPLs could set their emotions aside and engage in some critical thinking, they would get down on their hands and knees and thank our country’s super producers.
Not only are our rich creating jobs and wealth for others, they are picking up practically the entire tab  on our nation’s expanding welfare state.
Look at the chart above. Then write a thank-you note to a rich person.