U.S. energy jobs are being sacrificed in vain

By Tom Quiner

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Global-warming alarmists fret that man-made carbon emissions are harming the climate.
To ameliorate this hypothetical damage to our environment, these alarmists, which includes President Obama, wish to impose various economic schemes which will cost the U.S. jobs and raise energy prices.
For example, the president instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to impose stringent new rules on coal production which will gut the industry at great cost to working class Americans.
Carbon dioxide emissions HAVE increased by 33% since the year 2000.
If these emissions have a deleterious effect on the climate, and that is a big “if,” it is fair to ask if the president’s onerous new regulations are worth the cost to Americans. In other words, will these regulations really decrease carbon emissions? If yes, are they worth the cost?
U.S. emissions were already declining even before the president’s draconian anti-coal regulations were imposed, having decreased by 8 percent in 2012 compared to 2011 (according to U.S. Energy Information Administration reports).
These efforts are most likely to no avail since China accounts for 75% of the global increase in carbon emissions since 2000.
Right or wrong, they refuse to participate in efforts to restrict their carbon emissions.
In other words, coal workers’ jobs in America are being sacrificed in vain.
In other words, the president is circumventing the Congress to impose new carbon restrictions that will eventually drive up our energy costs, and for no good reason, since China will simply pick up the slack with even more emissions.
Even if you believe in the theology of global warming climate change, this doesn’t make any sense.