Why was Jesus baptized?

By Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

 “The reason Our Lord was baptized was because it was part of the whole process of emptying, of humiliation, of the Incarnation.
How could He be poor with us, if He did not in some way conform to our poverty?
How could He come among sinful men to redeem them, if He did not also reveal the necessity of being purged from sin?
There was no need of Our Blessed Mother to submit to the rite of purification, as there was no need of Our Lord to submit to the rite of Baptism by John.
He had no need personally of having sins remitted, but He assumed a nature which was related to sinful humanity.
Though He was without sin, He appeared to all men as a sinner, as He did on the cross. That was why He walked into the Jordan with all the rest of the sinners to demand the baptism of penance ‘in remission of sins’.”