Why it is challenging for a practicing Catholic to vote Democrat 4

The Democratic Party has turned its back on the little guy.

It didn’t use to be so. The Democratic Party for much of the 20th century stood up for the dignity of man. Because of their support for the rights of laborers, minorities, and women, they attracted the Catholic vote.

At its core, Catholicism embraces human dignity as intrinsic. We’re born with dignity. Our worth is defined by God, not our neighbor, nor a political party, nor the government.

Even more, Catholicism believes dignity is intrinsic at conception… More…

The progression of a soul Reply

By Tom Quiner

A little baby boy was baptized this morning at my church.

Christ’s loving Seal has been permanently etched on his soul. In Christianity, this is a foundational Sacrament, an essential step in our walk with Christ.

My own grandson will be baptized in just a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait for him to join the Church.

What a journey they’re on!

Just a half a year ago, when they were 12 weeks old in the womb, they could already smile, suck their thumbs, and make a fist.

A couple weeks earlier than that, at 10 weeks, they had a sense of touch and could feel comfort and pain.

A week before that, at 9 weeks, their little fingerprints began to form.

And shortly before that, at 18 days, they felt their first heartbeat!

And 18 days before that, the Holy Trinity breathed a soul into their fertilized egg and their human life began.

All of life’s beautiful expectations, the joys and sorrows, were present in their humanity.

The progression of a soul begins.