Democrats' love affair with Obamacare wanes

By Tom Quiner

The American people do not like Obamacare. STILL.
They didn’t like it when Democrats passed it without a single Republican vote. Now, five years later, they still don’t like it as the lies and ineptness of the bill continue to unfold.
Polling this week by the Rasmussen Reports reveal 52% of Americans view Obamacare unfavorably, and 40% view it very unfavorably.
77% believe insurance companies should be allowed to market their products across state lines, something the Democratic leadership firmly opposes. This is an important concept, because interstate commerce of health insurance would provide consumers with more choice, something Democrats have given lip service to in the past.
Here in Iowa, one company controls over 80% of the market. The Obamacare exchanges only have two companies on them. Interstate commerce could provide more competition, options, and lower prices to cash-strapped families trying to survive in the Obama economy.
The polling will get worse when the president finally allows the entire plan to be implemented, something he keeps delaying in order to save Democrat seats in this year’s midterm elections.
If Obamacare were fully implemented today with the employer mandate in place, the loss of existing insurance coverage, jobs, and wages among currently employed Americans would be dramatic. Democrats would experience a bloodbath this Fall.
Democrats are sweating. Obamacare is losing fervor and favor with Democrats who will have a difficult task defending their seat in November because of this single issue.