When will we be able to see like Simeon?

By Tom Quiner

The temple is sacred.
Today’s Sunday readings point out the ongoing significance of the Temple of the Lord in our lives.
What is the temple? It is our houses of worship. And it is our bodies.
These temples should be sacred and kept pure.
In the gospel reading (Luke 2:22-40), the Holy Spirit has revealed to Simeon that he will not die until he has laid eyes on Christ the Lord.
When Mary and Joseph presented Jesus at the temple, according to Jewish custom, Simeon knew He was the Lord. He knew that now he could die a fulfilled, happy man. We are saved!
Thirty-three years later, the adult Jesus gazed at the temple and presciently said that if man tore down the temple, he would rebuild it in three days.
His Body became the new temple.
We have been made in God’s image. At the instant of conception, a new person is made in God’s image who grows in the temple of his mother’s womb.
With each abortion, we kill the sacred.
When will we be able to see, like Simeon,  the beauty in each of God’s people, regardless of their size?