Made in God’s image

Who is the least amongst us? Why the “infant” in the womb, which makes her the greatest among men. As moral beings made in God’s image, we are called to receive this child, which is the exact same as receiving Christ.

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Jesus speaks to you, me, Hillary, and The Donald

Hillary Clinton is someone who desperately wants to sit at the head table. She’ll do anything to get there, even if it means selling out the very people she supposedly wants to help. Scandal defines her public life. She has demonstrated a willingness to cut corners, lie, and cheat to get a seat at the head table, preferably with herself at the position of honor.

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What does your life look like?

Are you building a legacy that you’ll be proud of?

Suppose you stacked up the days of your life. Every act of love is a metaphorical brick. Over a lifetime, these bricks grow and take shape, forming a cathedral.

By the same token, every act of selfishness is the equivalent of taking a chisel to the edifice of your cathedral.

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When will we be able to see like Simeon?

The temple is sacred.
Today’s Sunday readings point out the ongoing significance of the Temple of the Lord in our lives. What is the temple? It is our houses of worship. And it is our bodies.
These temples should be sacred and kept pure …

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God loves us into existence

Zacchaeus was a scumbag.
He wasn’t just a tax collector at the time of Christ, he was the chief tax collector. He collaborated with the Romans by becoming their tax collector, seizing money from his Jewish neighbors on behalf of their oppressors, and keeping a cut for himself.
A modern equivalent for a liberal would be a greedy capitalist who exploits the little guy so he can live in his fancy, gated community while the world falls apart around him.
A modern equivalent for a conservative might be a politician who seizes (taxes) money from the little guy and passes it onto their pals in the human abortion industry …

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