Liberal intolerance continues to flourish on college campuses

By Tom Quiner

liberal-tolerance1The words “inclusion” and “tolerance” drip from the lips of liberals like they were honey.
These words are the standard of a civilized society in their value system. Or so they say.
They don’t mean it.
They, in fact, despise diversity.
They, in fact, have no interest in inclusion.
The latest victim of the Thought Police of the Left is the “Communicating Values” conference that Stanford University has disallowed to take place on their campus. They have labeled the content of the conference as “hate speech.”
What in the world could be so bad that the content is called hate speech? Were they advocating Nazism or a return of slavery? No … it was something much worse in the eyes of campus liberals. They wished to promote the “values of marriage, family, and sexual integrity.”
I’m serious.
Here is what the conference’s website says:

“Our aim is to help university students and young adults to promote the values of marriage, family, and sexual integrity to the broader popular culture. Featuring speakers at the forefront of this effort, the conference will allow students to network with other individuals who are willing to engage in intellectual and civil discourse about the issues of marriage, family, and sexual integrity.”

We live in a country where we know that a lack of sexual integrity is doing grave damage.
We live in a country where we know that, statistically, kids turn out better in homes where they are raised by their mom dad.
Yet we live in a country where the number of kids being raised in single-parent homes is the norm in minority homes, and on the rise in white America.
Seems like a “Communicating Values” conference would be timely in light of all of this.
Not on college campuses. Stanford’s Graduate Student Council went berserk:

“Bringing the speakers to Stanford would threaten the safety of campus for the queer population, according to Brianne Huntsman ’15, who started a Facebook event to organize a rally at the GSC meeting on Wednesday night.
“A lot of students who are queer come to Stanford because it’s one of the most LGBT-friendly places in the world,” Huntsman said. “I grew up in Utah, where it was really conservative and a lot of us come from similar backgrounds, and we feel that we every time we go home. Stanford is supposed to be a safe space for us.”

So inclusiveness will not be permitted at Stanford, nor will diversity
These liberal virtues are only applied when by the politically-correct crowd if they agree with you.