The only people who fear President Obama are Americans

By Tom Quiner

I ran into Iowa’s Insurance Commissioner in the coffee shop this morning. He had good news.
The Obama White House contacted him to inform Iowans that we can keep our existing health insurance policies through 2016, safely beyond the next presidential election.
I couldn’t help but laugh and breathe a sigh of relief at the same time. I breathed a sigh of relief since I am one of the millions losing my existing coverage due to Obamacare. My new coverage would cost me about an extra $5000 per year, and it would be worse coverage than what I have now.
I couldn’t help but laugh as I thought of how much President Obama demonized Senator Ted Cruz’s filabuster to delay Obamacare. The president warned Republicans not to mess with his pet (and only accomplishment) of his presidency.
By his actions, he is admitting that Ted Cruz and the Republicans were right all along. Mr. Obama has ignored Congress and delayed the full implementation of Obamacare some 30 times. If it is such a great piece of legislation, why wait? Good grief, the bill was passed four years ago, and they still can’t make it work.
The president knows it is imperative to Democrat’s chances in the next two election cycles to get Obamacare off the table.
Here’s what is not so funny. The only people who truly fear Barack Obama are Americans.
The Syrian government doesn’t fear him.
Nor does China, the Taliban, Vladimir Putin, Iran, North Korea, or Muslim terrorists. They know Barack Obama is all talk. He has proved it time and time again.
On the other hand, Obama rules America with an iron fist. His government has unleashed the IRS on its political enemies with impunity.
They have threatened journalists who don’t bow to the White House.
The president and his party from top to bottom felt totally comfortable lying to us on something as vital as our healthcare. Obamacare is the biggest policy fiasco in the history of our republic. And yet rather than acknowledging the mistake and scrapping this clunker, Obama merely delays it by executive fiat. It’ll be back before you know it to tyrannize us working class Americans.
For now, I’m glad the president agrees with a Quiner’s Diner post from last week (“Emerging common ground on Obamacare”) which called for a moratorium on this damaging bill.
Even if they don’t care about the American people, a growing number of Democrats are scared about the damage Obamacare can do to their political careers. In this climate, perhaps the conditions are ripe to permanently scrap it and start over.