The dignity of women

By Tom Quiner


“Premarital gratification was a requirement when I was dating my wife.”

A business acquaintance told me that years ago. In other words, if his then-girl friend didn’t give him sex, he would dump her and move on. Her worth to him was predicated on how much pleasure she could provide.
To no one’s surprise, the marriage ended in divorce when he moved on to greener (and younger) pastures.
I heard a different kind of story at a Catholic Men’s Conference a month ago. The speaker, Matt Fradd, told about a guy, let’s call him the Stranger, who lived half way across the world from him.
The speaker didn’t know the guy, and yet this Stranger would have a profound effect on the speaker’s life. You see, the Stranger was at a college party.
He looked across the room and spied two pretty coeds sitting on a couch. One of them was acting pretty tipsy. Another guy, let’s call him the Exploiter, also noticed and saw an opportunity. The Exploiter approached the tipsy young lady and asked her to accompany him upstairs to a bedroom for their own private party. Her judgement blinded by booze, the vulnerable young lady agreed.
They headed for the stairs. That’s when the Stranger sprung into action. He blocked access to the stairs.
He took his index finger and poked it in the chest of the Exploiter and told him in no uncertain words, ‘you ain’t goin’ nowhere with this girl.’ The Exploiter could tell the wiry Stranger meant it, backed off, and left the girl with the Stranger.
The Stranger took her by the hand and led her up the stairs.
He laid her down on the bed and covered her with a coat.
He grabbed a pillow, left the bedroom, closed the door behind him. What he did next left the men at the conference buzzing: he layed down outside the door of the bedroom as a sentinel so no one could enter and take advantage of the passed out lass sleeping in the bedroom.
Why did Matt tell us this story? Because the young lady who’s dignity had been respected by the Stranger would one day become Matt’s wife.
Men, women aren’t playthings.
Let’s do the right thing and honor the dignity of women.