The McCarthyites of the Left

By Tom Quiner

imagesAn internationally renown scientist was in my home in recently. He is considered a leader in his field. In fact, he may very well be considered the top man in his unique area of research.
His research is conducted at a highly regarded midwest university, where he has his laboratory, and around the world. He has tromped through fields and mountains on most continents. He has been feted by government leaders as far away as China.
Despite his stature, he made it clear that his career could be destroyed if he ever violated politically-correct protocols, or publicly espoused beliefs contrary to liberal orthodoxy. His reputation means nothing if he doesn’t think and speak properly on subjects critical to liberal theology, including climate change, evolution, abortion, marriage, health care and poverty.
Just ask Guillermo Gonzalez. This is another scientist who felt the lash of the McCarthyites of the Left. Mr. Gonzalez, an astronomer, co-authored the book, The Privileged Planet, which explores the evidence of Intelligent Design in the universe. Keep in mind that Mr. Gonzalez did not teach this theory in the classroom, he had merely written on the topic. Nonetheless, a professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University, an atheist. led a successful petition drive amongst his fellow professors to deny Mr. Gonzalez tenure.
There are abundant examples of the McCarthyites of the Left suppressing conservative thought on college campuses. Now they are targeting corporations.
The latest sacrificial lamb is Mozilla (former) CEO Brandon Eich, who was ousted for donating a $1000 to support the pro-traditional-marriage Proposition 8 back in 2008. The McCarthyites of the Left poured through public records, uncovering the politically-incorrect donation,  and nailed Mr. Eich for daring to support an issue that the majority of Californians agreed with.
Increasingly, the Left smugly proclaims, “the debate is over.” If you disagree, they will try to destroy you. A staff columnist for the Orange County Register, Joel Kotkin, explains:

“Let’s call it “the debate is over” syndrome, referring to a term used most often in relationship with climate change but also by President Barack Obama last week in reference to what remains his contentious, and theoretically reformable, health care plan. Ironically, this shift to certainty now comes increasingly from what passes for the Left in America.
These are the same people who historically have identified themselves with open-mindedness and the defense of free speech, while conservatives, with some justification, were associated more often with such traits as criminalizing unpopular views – as seen in the 1950s McCarthy era – and embracing canonical bans on all sorts of personal behavior, a tendency still more evident than necessary among some socially minded conservatives.
But when it comes to authoritarian expression of “true” beliefs, it’s the progressive Left that increasingly seeks to impose orthodoxy. In this rising intellectual order, those who dissent on everything from climate change, the causes of poverty and the definition of marriage, to opposition to abortion are increasingly marginalized and, in some cases, as in the [Mark] Steyn trial, legally attacked.”

And what is the Mark Steyn trial, you may ask? Mr. Steyn is a conservative columnist for the National Review. He was sued by climate change scientist, Michael Mann, for defamation of character for simply criticizing Mann’s scientific arguments.
If you speak out against liberal orthodoxy, be prepared to be hurt by these neo McCarthyites.
At least McCarthy fought communists, an ideology that wanted to destroy America. The new McCarthyites of the Left fight those who want to save America.