A modest proposal to find the missing IRS e-mails

By Tom Quiner

Something has to be done to restore Lois Lerner’s tainted reputation.
The former IRS executive looks like a no-good, rotten, shady, scheming bureaucratic Nazi. And I’ve pulled my punches! The way things look to the public right now, she was the ring leader in targeting dastardly conservative groups to help re-elect Barack Obama.
This perception of Ms. Lerner may be totally unfair. Perhaps she was just a pawn in a larger, illegal conspiracy.
She really had only one chance to clear her name: her e-mail correspondence. Her communications could easily point the finger to other bureaucrats and politicians up the food chain and, if not clear her, at least make her look a little less like a no-good, rotten, shady, scheming bureaucratic Nazi.
Sadly, fate can be cruel, and her entire stash of e-mails, her colleague’s, too, vanished in a computer conflagration, sometimes known as a “crash.”
Her reputation crashed even farther with that news.
There is hope. Almost all computer-geek types of persons claim those e-mails are somewhere, preserved for posterity in a server or “cloud” somewhere. It simply takes someone with a sufficient motivation to go and find them. It is painstaking work. It takes time and fortitude.
Who can afford to take such time? After all, time is money.
So my modest proposal is simply this: money is the answer. We need a bounty for the missing e-mails.
We need the Koch Brothers to step forward and offer a $1 MILLION reward to the person(s) who find the e-mails.
There is precedent for using persons outside of government to offer rewards for the good of a cause. Larry Flynt, the liberal pornographer, frequently and successfully offered rewards to dig up dirt on Republicans. His million dollar reward helped to uncover sexual sin on Republicans back during the Clinton impeachment hearings, forcing some from office.
He dangled another million in an attempt to dig up dirt on Mitt Romney, but Romney was too squeaky clean for the Democrat’s porn pit bull to uncover anything.
So Democrats have been the beneficiary of bounties. Now it’s time for our nation to be the beneficiary. Since Larry Flynt isn’t willing to pony up with a bounty on the missing e-mails, we need patriots like the Koch Brothers.
A million bucks should do it.
Let’s find those e-mails!
Lois Lerner’s reputation is on the line!


  1. illero on June 28, 2014 at 9:15 am

    Great idea!

  2. illero on June 29, 2014 at 6:05 am

    You know, this technique could have far greater application. Offer a million dollar reward not only for the recovery of those e-mails, but for any irrefutable evidence of a conspiracy to target conservative groups; for definitive proof of Obama’s origin; for his educational transcripts; for an effective refutation of the detailed timeline that some conservative has put together on the communications around the Benghazi attack (i.e., prove us wrong — I forget where I saw it recently, but it included specific times things were known on each day during and following the attack); and the list could go on.

    • quinersdiner on June 29, 2014 at 7:06 am

      Good idea. Flynt/Democrats used the technique to destroy people. Koch Brothers (or whoever) could use it to uncover the truth being suppressed by conspirators.