America haters

By Tom Quiner

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright hates his country.
That seems a pretty safe bet based on his unrelenting, anti-American venom spewed from the pulpit for over two decades.
Why dredge up the Reverend Wright again? After all, he’s so yesterday. Here’s why: I’m trying to understand President Obama’s decision to swap five unrepentant, murderous terrorists who would like to inflict more terror on the world, for a soldier  who, by all accounts, also hated the U.S. and deserted his post.
The swap was so outrageous that it has succeeded in uniting Republicans and Democrats in their shock and anger over the deal.
Is that president that stupid? Or does he have a different agenda? No one accuses Mr. Obama of being stupid, so what IS the man’s agenda?
Mr. Obama was formed by men who hate America, with the Reverend Wright being a conspicuous example.
The Reverend Wright believes the U.S. government developed AIDs to kill black people.
He views 9/11 as America’s comeuppance for sins we have committed against the world:

“We bombed Hiroshima. We bombed Nagasaki. And we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon–and we never batted an eye! We supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black south Africans and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back into our own front yards.”

In other words, we got what we deserved.
Barack Obama sat through this drivel for twenty years, listening to and being formed by what could be described as hate speech, if one were a liberal.
Mr. Obama did not leave. He soaked up Reverend Wright’s black liberation theology.
If you read the paper, you know liberals won’t listen to anything they don’t like anymore. They’re fed up with free speech and prevent conservative speakers from speaking on college campuses. They smear conservatives as being haters or deniers if they don’t embrace liberal orthodoxy.
In Catholic parishes, I have witnessed liberals leave the Church when a priest vowed to stand up for Church teachings, of which some are hostile to the sacraments of liberal orthodoxy.
In other words, liberals will not suffer opposing viewpoints. Barack Obama has made this very clear in his presidency. He is not a compromiser. He’s a blamer. And he’s an ideologue.
He stuck with Reverend Wright for two decades because he liked the message. He only cut ties when it became politically expedient to do so. His embrace of the good Reverend’s animus towards America seems to explain how Mr. Obama could make the prisoner swap he just made.
Thomas Sowell puts it this way:

“Many wise and decent people assume automatically that President Obama was trying to serve the interests of America. From that standpoint, he has failed abysmally, both at home and abroad. And that should legitimately call his competence into question.
But what if his vision of the world is one in which the wealth and power of those at the top, whether at home or internationally, are deeply resented, and have been throughout his life, under the tutelage of a whole series of resenters? And what if his goal is to redress that imbalance?
Who can say that he has failed, when the fundamental institutions of this country have been successfully and perhaps irretrievably undermined, and when the positions of America and its allies on the world stage have been similarly, and even more dangerously, undermined around the world?”

Liberals love grievance.
Has Barack Obama vented his grievance toward America by swapping five America-haters for another?


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    Sometimes the truth takes a circuitous route ….

  2. Shawn Pavlik on June 10, 2014 at 10:51 pm

    Can we recover from this presidency? That’s a question we should be asking.

    • quinersdiner on June 11, 2014 at 6:08 am

      Good question, Shawn. I think the answer is a partial yes. We can get back on track fiscally with a responsible fiscal policy, which Republicans hopefully will bring. The larger cultural issues are another story.