Politically-correct school censors conservative websites

By Tom Quiner

What is political-correctness?
It is a critical weapon used by liberals in shutting down political debate with competing ideologies and theologies. You’ve read a lot about it this Spring on college campuses, where one conservative speaker after another was disinvited from speaking.
Tolerance, diversity, and inclusion are false platitudes gushed by campus liberals who really want to gut free speech.
Political-correctness manifests itself in different ways in our public schools. Take the Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Connecticut, where they block students from accessing politically-incorrect websites.
For example, they block the National Rifle Association’s website, but not Moms Demand Action or Newtown Action Alliance.
Fair enough. I get it after the Newtown massacre.
But they block the state Republican website, but not the Democrat’s.
They block pro-life websites, but not Planned Parenthood’s or Pro Choice America.
They block the Vatican’s website and Christianity.com, but not Islam-guide.com.
In other words, they censor out politically-incorrect websites, putting them into the same category as pornography.
The student who discovered the censorship took it to the superintendent of Woodbury schools. One week later, nothing had been done.
He then took it to the Board of Education. They are “investigating.”
Amazing. To liberals, conservative thought is just as bad as porn.

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