Robert Cramer for Congress

 By Tom Quiner

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Robert Cramer at the Iowa Right to Life banquet.
Mr. Cramer expressed the solid, conservative ideas that can restore our country to prosperity after the malaise of the Obama years. Most jobs in this country are created by small businesses.During the Obama years, government regulation has exploded. Every single regulation increases the cost and risk of hiring a new employee.
Large corporations have legal teams to help them sort through the maize of regulations  to keep the coercive power of the state at bay.
A guy like Robert Cramer truly understands what small businesses are up against, because he is one of us. His Democratic opponent this Fall, should Mr. Cramer prevail in the primary, is Bruce Braley, a trial attorney.
Trial attorneys benefit from government complexity, because complex regulations breed lawsuits.
Small businesses benefit from clarity and a lower regulatory burden.
For the record, Robert Cramer is solidly pro-life.
He’s got my vote.