Will the Washington Redskins bow to the will of the politically-correct mob?

By Tom Quiner

The thought police are emboldened.
They restrict conservative speakers from speaking on college campuses.
If a conservative speaker actually gets a chance to speak, they shout her down.
They call you a hater or a denier if you disagree with them on any number of issues.
They use the IRS to suppress conservative groups.
They even want to rename sports teams if they don’t like the name. Right now, the Washington Redskins are in the cross hairs of the howling PC mob.
A writer in this morning’s Wall Street so perfectly captured the essence of the PC movement, that I not only pass it on to you, I encourage you to cut it out and tape it to your refrigerator:

“What we have before us is a postmodern magisterium of secular doctrine, afflicted with political correctness hyperactivity disorder (PCHD) and fueled by a utopian ambition that sees no limits to its quest for power in the guise of public service.”

That really says it.

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  1. Brian Penn on June 7, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    Hopefully not. HTTR! Thanks. Brian