Charles Manson Hitler for President

By Tom Quiner

[youtube=] Dana Carvey is a brilliant mimicker of politicians. Who can forget his imitation of George H.W. Bush or Ross Perot? Sadly, Mr. Carvey has avoided going after Barack Hussein Obama. Here’s why:

“When we had the Southerners in there — [George] W. [Bush]and [Bill] Clinton — it was more of a ready-made, kind of like Sarah Palin or like Ross Perot. With Obama, the problem wasn’t just that he was a Northerner, but that this guy was not a walking, talking cartoon — so what are we going to do?”

Nonetheless, Mr. Carvey has a very funny bit above from a 2008 HBO special where he pokes fun at Mr. Obama’s name. A side comment: the video clip bleeps out all profanity, except when Mr. Harvey invokes God’s name in vain. Profaning God rises above the f word. That was the first thing that should’ve been bleeped.