"Do you pass the Israel test?"

By Tom Quiner

Once again, Arab terrorists are bombing Israel.
Have you ever stopped to think about the staggering accomplishments of Judaism?
By the same token, one can’t help but marvel at the glaring under-achievement of that portion of the Arab world dominated by Islam.
The land on which Israel today sits was land no one wanted until Jews returned to the area and made something of it, as George Gilder explains:

“In the two decades between 1921 and 1943, Jews quadrupled the number of enterprises, multiplied the number of jobs by a factor of 10, and increased the level of capital investment a hundredfold. Far from displacing Arabs, they provided the capital for a major expansion of Arab farms and enabled a sevenfold rise in Arab population by 1948, to a level of 1.35 million, the largest in the long history of Palestine. In other words, the Arabs came to what would be soon be the State of Israel because of the Jews.”

Mr. Gilder is a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute. Watch his four minute video above on Israeli achievement, another fabulous course found at Prager University.
Do you pass the Israel test?