The brilliant constitutional scholar wears the dunce cap again

By Tom Quiner

“Obama, he’s just smarter than the rest of us.”

Quiner’s Diners readers may remember me writing this before. It’s a quote from a friend of mine who made that declaration after Mr. Obama’s election in 2008.
To this day, she celebrates his presidency. Nothing can shake her faith in the man. Results are not what count. It is the feelings that he elicits in the hearts of liberals.
He says the things they want to hear.
His intentions seem good.
He seems so much nicer than those evil conservatives, who are nothing but closet  racists.
You get the picture. You know people like that. Heck, you may be one of them.
Anyway, that’s why I love the cartoon above. It captures the delicious irony of this smart constitutional scholar’s 13th repudiation by the Supreme Court.
Is Mr. Obama smarter than the rest of us? Well, he must be doing something right to con convince so many people to vote for him. But if you go by his record, he doesn’t rank as one of the best and brightest. Rather, his record showcases a man in over his head.