Obama honors socialist, disses capitalist

I’m re-running my Labor Day blogpost from two years. It is more relevant than ever!

By Tom Quiner

Presidential Medal of Freedom

The president honors avowed socialist, Dolores Huerta

Barack Obama said NO to Lech Walesa. He said YES to Dolores Huerta.

As recounted in yesterday’s Quiner’s Diner post, “June 2nd, 1979,” the White House would not let the former Polish President and Solidarity freedom fighter, Lech Walesa, accept a posthumous award on behalf of the late Jan Karski.

Walesa was considered “too political.” Mr. Walesa has been publicly critical in expressing his concerns that the U.S. was veering toward the European-style socialism that is ravaging the Continent.

In other words, Walesa is against socialism. He spent most of his life suffering through the economic, social, and spiritual disfunction which socialism inevitably spawns.

Criticism of socialism is a deal-killer for Barack Obama.

On the other hand, embrace of socialism may earn you a Presidential Medal of Freedom as seen with Obama’s recognition of Ms. Huerta. She is honorary chair of Democratic Socialists of America with radical beliefs. Rather than tighter safegards on our borders, she calls for open borders.

A few tidbits about Ms. Huerta’s group. They believe:

“We are activists committed not only to extending political democracy but to demanding democratic empowerment in the economy, in gender relations, and in culture. We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo.”

They are enemies to the American system of capitalism.

No wonder the president honors her.

No wonder he dishonors Lech Walesa.