Quiner’s Diner needs your help

By Tom Quiner

For four years, Quiner’s Diner has provided consistent conservative insights on the political, cultural, and religious issues of the day.

We mix in occasional commentaries on music.

If you enjoy the content of this blog, could you help support a project near and dear to our heart?

I have written a musical, The Wedding at Cana, based on the Gospel of John, chapter two. To make this musical a reality takes money. To that aim, I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000.

Kickstarter is all or nothing.

If we don’t hit our goal within 30 days, no funds are collected or distributed, and the project walks away with nothing.

You can help support this project in two practical ways:

1. Visit our Kickstarter page. Watch the video. Become a backer if you’re able. Even a buck helps.

2. Tell 2 people about the project. Simply e-mail them the link. It’s that simple. And post it on social media.

We have a week to go. Can you help?