Fascinating election factoids

By Tom Quiner

Fifty-four percent of Catholics voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

That number dropped to fifty percent in 2012.

This week, only 45% of Catholics voted for Mr. Obama’s party.

The cult of Obama has lost its clout with Catholic voters.

The Catholic voting block is in play once again after a century of being in the hip pocket of the Democratic Party. Interestingly, elections often turn on how Catholics vote.

There are other voting blocks worth watching. The Catholic League’s Bill Donahue made an interesting observation:

“Some things never change. Most Americans are either high school graduates, have attended college, or are college graduates: they voted Republican, by a wide margin. So who voted for the Democrats? High school dropouts and postgraduates. That would make for a great “60 Minutes” segment: Why is it that those who know nothing have so much in common with those who think they know everything?”

Hmmm, that doesn’t seem like a hard one to figure out.

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