Will the “Take-Away Party” lose their power today?

By Tom Quiner

I call the Democratic Party the “Take-Away Party.”

Every position they stake out will take something critical from someone else, whether it is life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

Take their proclamation for women’s reproductive ‘health.’ This phrase is code for human abortion and contraception.

Human abortion takes away something precious from someone else, their life. Some Democrats bluster that although they personally would never have an abortion, they can’t impose their view on someone else. Since when? Democrats are all about imposing their will on someone else. In this case, they refuse to vote for laws that protect the lives of the most defenseless among us, the pre born.

Democrats do not merely stand on the sidelines as a million lives are “taken away” each year due to human abortion, they pro-actively stand up for the multi billion dollar human abortion industry that richly profits from public policy enforced by Democratic politicians.

Democrats, the take-away party.

The party loves to label Republicans as being “radical.” This is a psychological tactic known as ‘projecting.’ They know how far they’ve lurched to the left, so they take the offensive by “projecting” a label on their adversaries that they know applies to them.

Take contraception.

The Take Away Party thinks Republicans are “radical” because they think women should pay for their own contraception. Many employers have ethical concerns about birth control for religious reasons.

The Take Away Party took away the religious liberty of these employers by cramming a contraception mandate down their throat in a maneuver Congress never voted on, called the HSA Mandate. Even more, this mandate forced employers to pay for more than contraception; it included abortifacients in their Mandate, chemicals that kill human life.

If taking away First Amendment rights isn’t radical, what is?

Defenders of the Take Away Party lash back and say, “well, what about the minimum wage? Yeah, Democrats are giving something tangible to low income people who need more money.” There’s one problem: some, maybe a lot, of people will lose their jobs if suggested minimum wage hikes become law.

Small businesses, who employ most of the workers in this country, work on tight margins, unlike the Federal Government. If the government forces employers to pay low skill workers more than their skills are worth, and more than employers can afford to pay, owners will ax jobs to survive.

Did you see the article in U.S. Today last week? McDonald’s is experimenting with using do-it-yourself kiosks in their stores. If the federal government jacks up wages, more entry level workers will lose their jobs, or will never be hired. Watch fast food kiosks begin to take away jobs from teen agers who already suffer from a high teen unemployment rate.

The Take Away Party does it again!

Well, what about wages? The Take Away Party is for equal wages for women! Those darn Republicans oppose equal wages. After all, they oppose the Paycheck Fairness Act.

They SHOULD oppose it, because the bill has NOTHING to do with discrimination. It has EVERYTHING to do with lining the pockets of their buddies, the trial attorneys. What this law would do is make it easier for trial lawyers to bring (and win) class-action wage discrimination lawsuits without proving actual discrimination.

If there are statistical disparities between men and women wages, even if there are mitigating circumstances such as differing job descriptions, length of time on job, and different educational achievement, a company is ripe for a lawsuit. In other words, this bill would allow trial lawyers to “take away” revenues from employers and shore up fat cat lawyers’ already bulging bank accounts. Oh, and make more campaign contributions to Democratic candidates.

It is such a bogus issue. The Equal Pay act was passed half a century ago. It is ALREADY law. The only ones in the House who voted against it were Democrats! Even more, Executive Order 11,246 prevents gender-based wage discrimination in federal contracts. And even more, 46 states have their OWN laws mandating equal pay for equal work.

The Take Away Party cynically exploits this issue with ignorant voters in order to take away revenue from small business and give it to liberal lawyer groups.

The Take Away Party is taking away record amounts of your money via our Rube Goldberg tax system. Much of it is redistributed to politically-favored classes (translation: those most likely to vote Democrat).

The list of new taxes and tax increases (21 in all) since the Take Away Party regained power in 2006 are too numerous to list here. A few quick examples: A 156 percent increase in the federal excise tax on tobacco; Obamacare Individual Mandate Excise Tax; Obamacare Employer Mandate Tax; Obamacare Surtax on Investment Income; Obamacare Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans; Obamacare Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax. Etc. Etc.

The Take Away Party siphons money from the private economy to feed the public economy. They embrace the political philosophy that the private economy serves the needs of the public economy. Republicans see it the other way around.

Democrats use the power of government to prevent you from forming 501c corporations that promote conservative political causes; they demand to know how you pray at pro life meetings; they want to screen preachers’ sermons to make sure they’re not politically-incorrect; and their supporters refuse to let conservative speakers share conservative ideas on college campuses.

In other words, they exercise power to take away your liberty.

For eight years, the Take Away Party has controlled the levers of government. They have wielded them ruthlessly against dissenting women and men whom they view as their enemies.

There is no compromise.

There is no reaching across the aisle.

There is no give and take.

There is only take. The Take Away Party has made that abundantly clear the past eight years with a brand of politics breathtaking for its ruthlessness, rapacity, and roguishness.

Polling suggests the public has had enough.

Is this the day the Take Away Party has their power taken away?

Let us hope.

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