“I love you, but …”

By Tom Quiner

A guy gets married.

Before the honeymoon even begins, he sits down his new, blushing bride for a serious talk:

“Honey, you require a fundamental transformation. Let’s start with your hair. What on earth are you thinking? Here are three acceptable styles and three salons I approve of to fundamentally transform your look. You may not keep your current stylist; but only an approved one from my list.”

The wife was flabbergasted:

“You, you never said anything before about this. I don’t like…”

Before she could finish, her husband held up his index finger and grimaced, stopping her in her tracks.

“There’s more,” he said.

“Your wardrobe. It requires fundamental transformation as well. I want you to buy sexier, more upscale clothes. Frankly, you look dumpy. Where do you buy your clothes anyway? Don’t tell me a consignment shop…”

The wife was crestfallen…

“I … I’m just trying to be frugal. I don’t make a lot of money. Frankly, neither do you. Consignment shops allow me to stretch my…”

Before she could finish, he cut her off:

“You will not step foot in another consignment shop again. From now on, you will only buy from Oscar De La Renta and Georgio Armani. Oh … and I only want you to wear Jimmy Choo’s shoes.”

“We can’t afford a wardrobe like that!” she pleaded. “We’ll go broke! I just want to be me.”

His rigid index finger and pursed lips again stopped her in her tracks:

“And then there’s your religion.”

He glared menacingly.

The cowered wife fearfully asked:

“What, what about my religion?”

“I don’t approve of your belief system. It has got to go.”

The wife pleaded with him, but to no avail. As tears drenched her face, she was barely able to get the words out:

“Why … why … didn’t you tell me any of this before we got married? When we were dating, none of this ever came out. And, and, you just took a vow to love and honor me…”

For a final time, he thrust his index finger in her face to shush his wife:

“Honey, I know what’s best for you. Someday you’ll thank me for this. Oh, and don’t forget, you just vowed to love, honor, and OBEY me. Enough talk, my love. Why don’t you go and slip on that sexy negligee I bought you …”


This little parable has a simple moral lesson:

“No one seeks to fundamentally transform something they love.”

This insightful observation comes from Erick Anderson writing at the Red State website.

The husband in the story above is Barack Obama. The wife is us, America. Mr. Anderson puts it this way:

“Barack Obama does not like the United States. There was a lot of truth when his wife said that for the first time she was proud of her country. The Obamas see the United States as a corrupt and bullying power that needs to be humbled.”

Anderson explains how Mr. Obama has fundamentally transformed us:

“Through word and deed he has pitted neighbor against neighbor, given hostile powers tacit permission to invade their neighbors, and through rhetoric and license to others created a situation where Americans cheer police officers being gunned down.”

Does that sound like love to you?

To reiterate Erick Anderson’s thesis:

“No one seeks to fundamentally transform something they love.”






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