The Democrats’ amnesty

By Tom Quiner


The president declared amnesty.

His party remained relatively silent on this unprecedented presidential action.

The American people opposed the move. Democrats secretly liked it, because today’s illegal aliens are tomorrow’s Democratic Party voters.

Today’s news sheds new light on Barack Obama’s decision to contradict his repeated assertions that the President of the United States did not have the legal authority to take such a step. Team Obama tries to maintain with a straight face that his executive amnesty proclamation does not grant illegal immigrants any rights. They maintain that these illegals can still be deported at “any time.”

In today’s news, Federal Judge Arthur J. Schwab in the Western district of Pennsylvania sharply rebuked the “Constitutional scholar’s” unilateral amnesty edict. He characterized the president’s move as “writing laws,” something the president can not do. Said Judge Schwab:

“President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore is unconstitutional.”

Disagreeing with Obama’s attorneys, the judge said the president’s amnesty move DOES allow people who entered the United States illegally “to obtain substantive rights.”

So what are these rights?

In today’s second piece of news on this subject, Townhall reporter, Conn Carroll, reports that illegals will now be able to extract benefits from American taxpayers due to the president’s actions.

Here’s the deal: back in 1996, the Newt Gingrich Congress passed a law which prevented the IRS from giving Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) to anyone with a Social Security Number.

Thanks to the Democrat’s amnesty, now millions of illegal immigrants will be able to get a Social Security Number, which will open the door to receiving EITCs.

The president and his party once again circumvented Congress’ wishes and opened the spigot to billions of dollars of benefits at the expense of taxpaying American citizens.

How much is this going to cost you and me? According to Townhall’s reporting, about $4 Billion.

In this era of a $17 Trillion national debt, $4 Billion is chump change.

However, if you were to pose a question to the American people like this: “How do you feel about handing over $4 Billion of your money to illegal aliens?”, I suspect they’d feel even WORSE about the Democrat’s amnesty than they feel now.

There are a number of takeaways from today’s news:

1. Nothing the president says can be taken at face value. Nothing new here.

2. Although the judge’s remarks and ruling on a deportation case do not invalidate the president’s amnesty, it supports Mr. Obama’s previous assertions that the president cannot do what Mr. Obama decided to go ahead and do.

3. The American people once again are getting screwed by the president and his party.

4. The Democratic Party deserves “credit” for this amnesty as much as Mr. Obama. They could have stopped it with some vocal opposition. They didn’t, because they believe they will ultimately benefit at the ballot box as these illegals eventually and inevitably become voters.