The cult of human abortion takes another hit

By Tom Quiner


I just got back from the Iowa March for Life.

The wind howled, making it painfully cold at times. And yet the crowds for this event just keep growing.

Youth were everywhere, proudly displaying signs that said “We are the pro life generation.”

This is a killer for the cult of human abortion that depends on our youth to become their new customers. The young increasingly embrace life, perhaps realizing that they were born post Roe v Wade, an era where human life is considered disposable if they are unwanted.

The Iowa March for Life is just one of many marches taking place throughout the country to commemorate the tragic Roe v Wade decision of 1973.

The big one takes place in Washington D.C. next week where more than half a million people show up to march and pray for human life. Some two-thirds of the marchers are our nation’s youth.

It’s funny. The media flocks to events staged by groups like Peta that call for better conditions for barnyard animals. They avoid Marches for Life like they’re the plague.

Senator Grassley speaks at the Iowa March for Life

Senator Grassley speaks at the Iowa March for Life

At the foot of Iowa’s capital this morning, Iowa’s pro life governor, Terry Branstad was there. So was our pro life Senator, Charles Grassley, and our new pro life Congressman, David Young.

All four of Iowa’s Catholic bishops were there. Priests and deacons were everywhere.

Hundreds of people braved the wind to stand up for life. And yet as I looked around the Capital grounds, I didn’t see much of a media presence.

It doesn’t seem to matter. Despite the mainstream media’s collusion with Big Abortion to blackout events like this, the cult of human abortion continues to see its support dwindle.

The human abortion cult treats children as if they’re a disease. The pro life movement embraces a philosophy more like that expressed by the late Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

“How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.”

Life is beautiful. Human abortion is human death.

Which would you prefer to support?