The March for Life is really a ‘march for love’ 3

That is why today’s March for Life is such a monumental event. For the 44th year in a row, hundreds of thousands of people come together in an act of love, a march for Love, so to speak. They march for the voiceless, for the unwanted, for the little guy that the existing power structure in this country considers disposable. More…

Human abortion on demand without apology 1

“What was last Saturday’s women’s march all about?” I asked a group of women this week.

Granted, these women were devout, pro life Catholics. They were appalled by what they saw on television of the march.

On the other hand, I know many other Catholic women who lean left politically who loved the women’s march, supported the march, and even came out and marched with other liberal women at Des Moines’s version of the women’s march.

So, what was the march really, really about? This–> More…

Facebook disinformation of the week 3

The amount of ‘fake’ news/info on social media seems to be increasing exponentially. It is sometimes depicted in a meme in a way that feeds into the perception of the Left that all conservatives are simply hypocritical.

The meme above is the latest salvo of disinformative propaganda flying around social media.

I occasionally reply in a factual, non-emotive way. Here is my response to today’s meme: More…