Women CEOs get paid more than their male counterparts

By Tom Quiner

The ‘war on women’ screed is so yesterday.

Desperate liberals prowl news feeds on a daily basis in search of victims of dastardly conservatives.

They won’t like what they see in today’s USA Today. Matt Krantz reports that women CEOs earn more than men:

“What glass ceiling? The gender gap appears to be closed — at least when it comes to CEO pay.

So far, 21 of the 22 current female CEOs in the Standard & Poor’s 500 have reported their latest compensation, including Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, defense contractor Lockheed Martin’s Marillyn Hewson and retailer TJX’s Carol Meyrowitz, and they were paid an average of $18.8 million during their latest fiscal years, according to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Capital IQ and Bespoke Investment Group. That far exceeds the average $12.7 million paid to the 455 current male CEOs of companies in the S&P 500 that have reported compensation data for the same time period.”

Corporate America believes in merit pay, something liberals revile. Produce or perish.

Kudos to these smart, successful women. Unlike the Hillary Clintons of the world who ride their husbands’ coattails, these women achieved success the old-fashioned way: they earned it.

Reminds me of Republican presidential candidate in waiting, Carly Fiorina, another woman of accomplishment.