CORRECTION: Mother Teresa’s canonization is not finalized

By Tom Quiner

News reports earlier today indicated that Mother Teresa of Calcutta would be canonized next year.

That report was premature.

EWTN set the record straight with this report later this afternoon:

Despite rumors that a date has been set for Mother Teresa’s canonization, the Holy See Press Office told EWTN News Wednesday that the cause for sainthood has not concluded, and no date has been officially set.

Fr Ciro Benedettini, vice director at the Holy See Press Office, confirmed to EWTN News that there is “a project, a study being carried out” on the potential future canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa.

However, he said, there is nothing juridical in place yet, as the setting of a date would require the sainthood cause to be concluded and the Pope to give his consent.

Fr. Benedettini could not confirm whether there would be a meeting of cardinals next month to discuss the cause, as has been reported by Vatican Insider.