Mother Teresa to be canonized next year!

The little nun with the biggest, most merciful heart in the world will be canonized next year.

Fittingly, it will take place on the anniversary of her death, September 5th, which falls within the Church’s Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Mother Teresa spoke powerfully in support of human life. Here is a quick interview with Blessed Mother Teresa on her views on human abortion:

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What is love?

Which one of your kids do you love the most?

I heard this question posed to Dr. Ray Guarandi on the radio. Dr. Ray is a clinical psychologist who also has a call-in radio talk show on Catholic radio called “The Doctor is in.”

Says Dr. Ray, it is not the kid you like the best. Rather, it is…

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New Mother Teresa movie opens this Friday

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta scares me.

This tiny slip of a woman was far stronger than any man I’ve ever known, and I’ve known some strong men.

But her strength, grounded in unquestioning faith in God, required “a letting go” that is daunting…

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In praise of two giants who stood up for the little guy

Mother Teresa didn’t know how to deliver a speech very well. She’d stand at a podium and read her speech without looking up at the audience. When she finished, she’d leave without fanfare.

Martin Luther King knew how to deliver a speech very well. He’d engage his audience with the passion of man on a Godly mission. His speeches had a rhythm, a carefully controlled cadence that kept listeners enraptured. He was a leader, a moral authority sent by God to right a terrible wrong in this country.

Interestingly, despite her rhetorical shortcomings, Mother Teresa, too, kept her audience on the edge of the seat through the sheer power of her moral authority …

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