What else is Hillary hiding?

By Tom Quiner

Shhh, maybe they'll forgot all about our speeches.

Shhh, maybe they’ll forgot all about our speeches.

Hillary Clinton destroyed tens of thousands of e-mails that belonged to the American people.

Obviously, she had something to hide.

We shall see if the FBI refers criminal charges to the Justice Department as a result of her actions.

There is something else that she has been hiding: her Wall Street speeches.

Ms. Clinton was hired to speak to high-powered Wall Street companies, including:

√ Goldman Sachs Group

√ UBS Wealth Management

√ Kohlberg, Kravis

√ Roberts and Company

√ The Carlyle Group

√ Apollo Management Holdings

√ Fidelity Investments

√ Morgan Stanley

√ Golden Tree Asset Management

These companies have a combined $10.5 TRILLION in assets. The key word is TRILLION, in case you missed it.

Reporters were barred from hearing her speeches.

Combined, Bill and Hillary Clinton gave 729 speeches since February of 2001, receiving an average of $210,795 per speech, or some $153,000,000 in total.

Ms. Clinton’s Wall Street speeches are of particular interest since she has joined Bernie Sanders in demonizing Wall Street. She has stated that “when I gave those speeches, I took on Wall Street. I told them that what they’ve got to do — they’ve got to do [it] a better.”

Fine. Prove it. Release the transcripts.

But to date, she hasn’t. Releasing transcripts is easy. Let’s say she typed them in Microsoft Word.   She could either:

  1. Print them out and fax them out to media outlets.
  2. Attach them to an e-mail and blast it out to her media list.
  3. Post them on her Facebook page.
  4. Give them to Donald Trump who, I’m sure, would expeditiously spread their contents.

But she hasn’t. And she probably won’t as long as Bernie Sanders is still nipping at her heals.

Her lack of transparency suggests that just maybe she didn’t “take on Wall Street.” Perhaps she has colluded with them.

We just don’t know.

Because of her ongoing integrity impairment, we can’t help but think the worst.

What else is Hillary Clinton hiding?