Assessing the emotional health of Donald Trump

By Tom Quiner

Mona Charen is a bright conservative. Here is her assessment of Donald Trump:

“I first became aware of Donald Trump when he chose to make cheating on his first wife front-page news. …It requires a particular breed of lowlife to advertise the sexual superiority of one’s mistress over the mother of one’s children. That was Trump’s style. ..

Most politicians, for as long as I can remember, have been at considerable pains to present themselves as nicer, nobler and more empathetic than they really are. . .Now comes Trump unblushingly parading his viciousness — by, for example, mocking a handicapped man, toying with white supremacy or encouraging political violence — and still gaining the loyalty of a plurality of Republicans.

Donald Trump is not emotionally healthy. No normal man sits up late at night tweeting dozens of insults about Megyn Kelly.”