Facebook Wars 3

By Tom Quiner


I refrain from getting political on Facebook. Sometimes, though, it is necessary.

A friend posted the following message on her Facebook page today:

“I don’t understand how anyone who wants the best for this country could listen to these speeches about Hillary and still think she is too “evil” to vote for. Especially with the possibility of a President Trump.”

My response:

“One answer is unfettered human abortion. More infants (Hillary’s word) living in their mamas’ wombs will die if she is elected. In our Catholic faith, the value of a single soul is beyond calculation. From a secular perspective, more infants in their mamas’ wombs will be denied their fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if she wins. If Hillary wins, infants lose.”

My friend, by the way, is Catholic. Will I change her mind? No.

Will I influence someone reading her post to rethink their position on Life issues? Hopefully, even if it is only one person.


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